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Adverse childhood experiences, resilience, and social justice in Nova Scotia healthcare

Final results and future directions from the Lunenburg study

We presented preliminary results at the 2018 NSCSW conference regarding a pilot study being conducted at the Lunenburg Family Health Clinic exploring adverse childhood experiences, health outcomes, and resilience factors among clinic patients. The study has since finished, and the purpose of the 2019 presentation is to provide final results (N = 226) from the study. In addition, we will discuss plans to disseminate this information as well as follow-up/novel studies being conducted by Dr. Ross's research team. We firmly believe that this topic area is incredibly relevant to the topics of resilience, healing, and trauma-informed social work.

Speakers: Kevin Dugas and Dr Nancy Ross

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Dr. Nancy Ross worked as a clinical therapist in addiction and mental health settings for many years before entering academia. She completed her PhD in international development and peace studies at Bradford University, UK, and is entering her sixth year teaching at the Dalhousie University School of Social Work. She is on the board of directors for the Be the Peace Institute and is committed to work towards non-violence and peaceful relationships.

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Kevin Dugas, MA, BSW, SWC, MSWc, is a Master of Social Work student in the Dalhousie University School of Social Work. He also has a master's degree in educational psychology from McGill University. He has worked as a research coordinator with Dr. Ross for approximately 2 years. Kevin also works part-time in mental health and addictions at the Colchester Easts Hants Health Centre as well as in community corrections with men on day parole.